Well, actually, the subject line lies. I am not going to be very creative in this post. 😀 However; it is the first post of this blog where I intend to be creative. I have photoblogged to and fro for many years, and it has now been a rather long time since last. But now; I’m back.

Photographed @ Uppsala dome, may 2017

Photographed @ Uppsala dome, may 2017

It is one thing choosing not to photograph very much, for whatever reason one might have. It is another completely, when you can’t. I haven’t photographed much for the last two years or so, but since early this summer, my (digital) camera has been messing about, and couple of weeks ago I realized it had given up.

And there’s no use for analogue photography when my darkroom isn’t in order due to lack of space, and I can’t afford having the films developed at a photo lab.

I am saving money for something completely different (pure breed dog, if anyone’s wondering), but even though I may not photograph as much as I used to, I still want a camera that actually functions. This, I did not have.

So, I took from my saved money and bought myself a second hand camera, still much better than the one I had. For anyone who’s interested, I went from a Canon EOS 1000D to a Canon EOS 5D. I also had to get myself a new lens, since only one of the ones I have, would work with the new camera house. I also had to buy a new memory card, and a card reader, since the old ones doesn’t work with the 5D camera.

It cost a lot of more money than I had hoped, but at least I have a camera. A functional camera, and a better one than I had.

I have to admit that this feels sooo good. I’ve been fairly satisfied with the camera I’ve had for quite a few years, but it is very simple one. I’m thrilled to know that I have more to work with, with this new one. I may even name it, just to give myself some mental and creative motivation when using it. 

I think I am going to name this camera Olga. That totally came out of absolutely nowhere, but I think it’ll fit her. Since the name came to me, the camera must be female. Yes, I think that’s it. She’s a female, and her name is Olga.

Olga and I are going to have so much fun together. I’m sorry she never got to meet my german shepherd, Ella, but she’ll have to do with my next dog (which is what I’m saving up money for).

I’m happy to say that there are several things in the upcoming weeks that’ll give me cause to test Olga and see what she can bring me. Christmas is only one of them (and it might be worth mentioning that I don’t celebrate christmas). I need to document my oldest cat, since I am about to let her go. I am also going to, I think, Sweden’s biggest dog show, this weekend (at least I plan to).

Even if I don’t do this for money, nor for anything else but my own pleasure, really, I still do appreciate and enjoy company. ♥


I am not a professional photographer, although I did work as a professional portrait- and wedding photographer for a few years.


I don’t want money to be the ground for my way of expressing myself through the art of photography.


I want it to be beauty.

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