Selfportrait, 2019

I was about twenty years old when I first discovered my passion for photography. By happenstance mostly, I found myself studying photography under american photographer Frank Watson. He taught me to love analogue black and white photography.

Since then, I’ve worked professionally as a portrait- and wedding photographer. My career abruptly ended with me falling seriously ill with bipolar disorder, and since a few years I am on disability because of that.

Living with bipolar disorder does however not mean I’m dead, or unable to love photography. I still do, and while I no longer wish to work professionally as a photographer, I do want to be creative in my very own way. To me, that means leaving all commercial ideas behind and focusing on what I find interesting and beautiful.

The idea of (again) starting up this photoblog is to make new discoveries about myself. I am very interested in the concept of beauty, but also in exploring darkness in various ways. It is too early to tell which direction this is going to take, but at least it’ll be my direction.

And quite frankly; I cannot stress enough how pleasant it is, not needing to be commercial for financial reasons. The pleasure of doing this for me, myself and I, is almost overwhelming. ♥


Sonya Malinka Persson 

I am not a professional photographer, although I did work as a professional portrait- and wedding photographer for a few years.


I don’t want money to be the ground for my way of expressing myself through the art of photography.


I want it to be beauty.

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